A Year at Atlas

By Sarah Loson, Customer Service Representative

A lot can happen in a year; my Atlas anniversary came and went in March, and I learned firsthand just how true this is. Going back to 2017, I knew I needed a change. I was living in Connecticut and had a difficult time finding something I was passionate about. Although I found meaning in my work with adults with intellectual disabilities, I found my passion was often stifled by the financial limitations state-run programs typically face. I had collected ample experience in clerical work, and yearned for an environment that could match my work ethic and high level of empathy. This discontent lead me to start seriously looking into what changes I needed to make to pave my personal path to happiness. This search manifested as a 5,000 mile cross-country road trip in May of 2017! It was then that I discovered how much Washington State spoke to me and my interests. After returning home with my significant other, we both had almost immediately expressed our mutual interest in making Seattle our new home, thus prompting 10 months of research, fear, and hope for the future!

My relationship with Atlas began through ordinary means on a job posting website, which in turn prompted a phone interview with my current boss Andrea Eisenberg and subsequent offer for an in-person interview. I had experienced difficulty while job searching, mainly because many employers were understandably resistant to a video-chat interview, and I couldn’t yet justify flying across the country on my income without a promise of employment due to financial restrictions. Although I felt a bit discouraged, I was inclined to reach out and connect with Atlas Networks’ CEO, Ryan Maloney, via LinkedIn. He was generous enough to allow me to make a case for myself and why I believed I would be a good fit for the team. After a bit of back and forth, Ryan agreed to allow a video interview with the Atlas team. The interview went well and I was ultimately offered the position, which gave me the confidence I needed to make the move! Two weeks later I made the 3,000 mile trek over the course of three measly days to my new home with anxiety and excitement stirring in me. The very next day, my story at Atlas began.

My job at Atlas Networks is one that I feel good about when I go home each day. As a Customer Service Representative, I’m given the privilege to really make a difference during that first customer interaction. Almost every day I encounter a client who enters our exchange with expectations of long waits, non-existent customer service, and ultimately a frustrating experience based on their relationship with other ISPs. However there is a measurable shift the moment the customer realizes they are, in fact, dealing with a local human being that is actually empowered to assist. You can actually hear the tension in their voice ease up. Outside of my work in the office, I have the opportunity to make connections with our customers through our appreciation events. Whether it’s prepping espresso beverages to the lovely folks at The Lyric, or serving Wine and Cheese to our friends at The Rooster, we are able to maintain these truly amazing relationships with our customers whilst taking advantage of hearing their feedback firsthand. These interactions present me the opportunity to find common ground with all of our clients and let them know that Atlas is present and tangible. Our customers and the work I contribute to with Atlas Networks make it all worth it, and ultimately answers the calling I felt so deeply when I was living on the east coast.

All in all, a year is a wonderful, short-term benchmark to which we can measure our triumphs, failures, and growths. It is 365 chances to be 365 different versions of yourself fighting each day to be better and better, dappled with some setbacks that will condition you to work harder, faster, and smarter. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last year at Atlas fostering my own personal and professional growth amongst a team of like-minded and passionate individuals. It’s important to take a step back to reflect on this growth and ask yourself – What does another year hold?

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  1. Bravo Sarah!!! It sounds like Atlas is very lucky to have found you too! Best of everything in the year ahead!

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