Going Renegade: The Atlas Networks’ Position on Net Neutrality

The FCC today repealed Net Neutrality regulations, granting broadband companies great power to reshape Americans’ internet experience. Without Net Neutrality regulations in place, ISPs and cable companies can block, throttle, discriminate and even censor content at will.

Now, companies have the ability to restrict competing services. They can censor the content they find objectionable and even create new revenue sources by implementing a “pay to play” model. This would make certain parts of the internet only available at a premium. As both the founder of a Seattle based internet service provider and a consumer of online content, I find this extremely troubling. I want to make our position clear:

Atlas Networks fully supports strong Network Neutrality and consumer privacy principles. Today’s repeal does nothing to change what we believe to be right. I am proud to stand behind our core values as we work to expand our network across Seattle, and beyond. We hope that other providers will follow our lead because the American people deserve nothing less. Unthrottled. Unrestricted. Unmonitored.

Ryan Maloney CEO, Atlas Networks

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  1. Thanks for your stance, Ryan: it shows your integrity and we will win! – I am considering using your services in Olympia but am definitely interested if I move up to Seattle.

  2. Happy to see an ISP backing Net Neutrality. The FCC is clearly in the wrong on their current stance, as it does not promote the Customer protection you speak of. But let’s also not forget that our local legislature does nothing to improve on things, as they do not support net neutrality of the “last mile”, and allowing geographical monopolies that do not allow for Customers to choose the best available provider for their needs. If ISPs were allowed to operate in a shared last mile program like it used to be for DSL services, then competition could surface again and the market would help naturally weed out bad actors.

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